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Antelecom, Inc. , requires all those using its network to comply with this Acceptable Use Policy ("Policy"). Your use of's network by originating electronic data or signals which contact or are transported by's network or equipment manifests your agreement to be bound by all of the terms and conditions of this Policy. Your use of our network may be terminated or restricted if in the sole discretion of Antelecom.Net, you violate either the letter or the spirit of this policy, or for any other reason that, in its sole discretion, deems appropriate cause for termination or restriction. Restriction includes reduction of speeds or protocols if it determined that the user activity interferes with our network or our ability to provide quality service to other users.

Users of our network agree to obey the laws, regulations and ordinances of the United States of America, the State of California and of those political subdivisions from where you use's services. Those persons or entities using our network shall not knowingly, recklessly or negligently transmit or cause to be transmitted, over or through our network or over or through the Internet, electronic data or signals of any sort including but not limited to, text, graphics, video or sound which maybe perceived as either threatening, malicious, obscene, libelous or which violate trade-secret, patent or copyright and/or trademark protections. users should comply with the rules and regulations of all other networks and/or carriers over which, or thought which the user's electronic data or signal is transported. The user should comply with all reasonable policies, rules and regulations, if any, that are imposed by any network accessible through the Internet.

In the event that litigation or the threat of litigation ensues against, or any of its employees, agents or assigns, which is related to the user's activity on the Internet or's services, the user agrees that it will hold, its employees agents and assigns harmless and be liable to for the full costs of its defense including, but not limited, to's reasonable attorney fees.

Failure to adhere to the this Policy may be cause for to immediately and permanently and without notice terminate a user's account, and/or block such user from accessing or contacting any of's systems or equipment. If a user's account is terminated, will have no obligation to that user, or any other party, with regard to any data stored on's network including but limited to, email or web site content which was accessable to the user. In addition, legal action may be initiated by against the offending user. reserves the right to enforce this Policy as it sees fit in its sole discretion. However, is under no obligation whatsoever to any user or third party to enforce this policy. You agree that in the event that terminates your account that is under no obligation to return any funds you may have on account with, and that such amount on account, if any, may be used to offset the costs of resources consumed by relating to your violation of this policy or the termination of your account or the restriction of your access. You also agree that should be required to litigate against you that personal jurisdiction will be proper in any court of competent jurisdiction residing in Los Angeles, Riverside, or San Diego County, California and that venue is likewise proper in such courts. Your use of's network, directly or indirectly, for any purpose manifests your agreement to be bound by this policy and its terms and conditions.
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